Nature Watch at Mytton


Here at Best Western Mytton Fold Hotel & Golf Complex we have an ambundance of fabulous wildlife. Set in the beautiful Ribble Valley on the edge of the Forest of Bowland (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) we feel we have a duty to the wildlife in this area and we actively encourage mammals and birds to enjoy life on the golf course.

We have over 25 bird boxes on the course and we have many people who contribute to our Wildlife diary of what has been seen and where. This year we have spotted Sikka Deer, Stoats, Rabbits, Hares on the course and over 50 different species of bird including the Common Buzzard. We have seen 4 varieties of tit so far this year.  Blue, Coal, Great and the Long Tailed Tit. ​There have been a ​pair of Sparrowhawks ​and hopefully they will return this spring.


The Moorhen is a medium sized Black bird which is to be seen most days running around on the course in small numbers. At 13in long it is easy to spot, as l say they are a black bird with a white line of feathers on their wing and some white under the tail. See the bottom picture. The main id point is the red bill, which on their nearest reparative, the coot, is white.

Other names for them include the Marsh Hen, but to be honest l have never heard this in use in birding circles. They are a member of the rail family, other birds in the family include the already mentioned Coot, which l don't expect to see on the course, and the Water Rail which is possible in the winter months, but that is a shy and hard to see bird. Moorhens are of a nervous disposition and frequently twitch their tails and neck, they often run around the golf course like they are panicking about something.

Moorhens are weak fliers, but are good walkers on their greenish legs .They eat most anything - plant material, small rodents, frogs and eggs, so therefore they can be often found near or around our plentiful ponds on the course.

There are about 350,000 pairs in the UK, and young from the season's first brood will help in the rearing of the second brood. 

Barn Swallow
Barn Swallow in flight
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