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Course Rules

New Local Ruling

Embedded ball: A ball embedded in its own pitch mark in the ground 'through' the green may be lifted, cleaned and dropped without penalty as near as possible to the spot where it lay, but not nearer the hole.

Please note: Before obtaining relief your playing partner / partners must verify that the ball is actually in its own pitch mark.

Through the Green Definition: Is the area or the course except

a) the teeing ground and the putting green of the hole being played.

b) all hazards on the course.

Dress Code

Golfers must wear smart casual dress and golfshoes.

Clothing which is not acceptable:

Tracksuits, Jogging Pants or demin garments

Clothing with metal studs

Training Shoes

Shirts without collars

Socks shorter than ankle length

Beach Shorts

Hats worn back to front

Hats to be removed in clubhouse

Local Rules

1 If a player’s ball lies in the area which is affected by stones, which could result  in damage to equipment then the player may take relief under rule 25-1

2 If a staked tree interferes with a player’s stance or intended swing the player may make a free drop under rule 24-2

3  Stones in bunkers are moveable obstructions rule 24-1

4 Water hazards are marked with yellow stakes, lateral water hazards are marked with red stakes rule 26-1

5  All man made paths are immoveable obstruction rule 24-2

6 A ball coming to rest in a tyre mark may take relief under rule 25-1

7  When playing the 3rd hole the white posts, are to the right  immoveable obstructions and the player may take relief under rule 24-2

8  Please read the notice board for any additional local rules

GUR defined by the blue stakes or white lines


1 In or over any boundary, fence or hedge surrounding the course and on or over the railway line.  The white markers on the left of the 4th & 10th hole also define boundary of course.

2  Practice area beyond white posts at the left of the 1st  tee

3  2nd hole beyond white posts behind green and 5th tee.

4 3rd hole beyond white posts behind green 

5  4th hole beyond the white posts on the left, right and behind the green. 

6  7th hole beyond the white posts to the right.

7 10th hole beyond the white posts to the left.

8 15th hole beyond white posts behind the green.

9 17th hole white posts around the green keeper’s shed and car park left of tree. 

10  18th hole on or over the road beyond the green.

Green Posts150 Yards to the centre of the green